Terms & Conditions

Cajun Yum Yum will not be held responsible for shipment delays due to weather or any other reason beyond our control.

We are not responsible for incorrect information supplied including, quantity selection or shipping address information.

Once an order has been submitted to the supplier, it cannot be changed or cancelled. We usually submit our orders for the day at around 6pm central time so please telephone us immediately if you need to make a change to your order and we will try to accommodate you.

We do not guarantee any delivery date, unless it is confirmed by phone. Most orders take 5-7 days processing time before the order ships out to the customer. This gives us time to get into contact with the vendors and gives them time to get your order prepared before shipment. Orders will only be in TRANSIT for the selected amount of time that you choose for you shipping option. (example. Priority Overnight = 1 day transit, 2 Day = 2 days in transit, and so on)

*****You can reach us by mail at: CajunYumYum.com, 3209 W Pinhook Road, Lafayette LA 70508*****